Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review: modelsown- Blubblegum

Hey! today I decided to do another nail polish review on the modelsown Bubblegum from the Ice Neon collection. I thought that this would help some you make a decision on whether to buy this product or not, especially if you are a lover of nail polishes like I am. Apologies for the lack of posts these past two weeks its just that my computer was not allowing me to upload pictures, which is a definite no no in my books but now that its back on track I can blog a lot more now! 

I was really attracted to this collection: 1) because I have really been loving neon's these past few months and 2) because they are awesome for the summer time. I have been switching from this to the Barry M gelly nail paints this summer. I wrote all about the Gelly range from Barry M in my previous post if you would want to have a look at that. When I first decided to get this nail polish I thought it was going to be quite sheer and not opaque enough, to my liking. I was sooooo wrong about that, the colour pay off is incredible one coat of this and you are good to go, I have to say though it does dry matte so if you are not into that you can always just add a top coat which is what I do for the shine factor. It has great staying power for about 4-5 days which is a lot better than some others that I own. The price is much more the average nail polish price at £5.00. The packaging has a frosted finish and the aim of this was to be able to put it in a refrigerator, this is so that the fluoro can keep its brightness this does not affect the nail polish in any way I have kept mine in fridge ever since I bought it and it still works just fine, the consistency has not thickened at all as I though it would. I would have to give this product a 3/5 , I would have preferred the polish to have a shiny finish and for the price to be a little lower, other than that I don't really have anything negative to say about this!
I hope this quick post helped some of you. I talk you in my next post!
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  1. Love the look of this nail polish, I wish Model's Own was easy to get hold of in Guernsey. I've tagged you in The Autumn Tag, so if you want to join in just check out my post. Xx

    1. ahh that sucks! okaayy thank I'll check it out! xo


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