Sunday, 29 December 2013

// Thank you x

Hey guys,
I just wanted to do a quick post thanking all my new readers who have subscribed, I really do appreciate it. I hope that you guys had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones and have a really great new year!

I'd love to know some of the new years resolutions that you guys have come up with so please leave those in the comments!
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Monday, 2 December 2013

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

So, this evening I'm to you guys with a lifestyle post, it's been quite sometime since I've done a lifestyle post and I'm not really sure why because I really enjoy ding these types of posts, I think that maybe I just get too side-tracked with beauty and style posts that I forget about doing these.

Recently, my friend Amber and I went to see the tuning on of the lights which was super cool because I wasn't feeling particularly Christmassy and I was hoping that seeing all the beautiful lights would get me in the mood because my favourite time of the year is Christmas/winter time! and there was late night shopping, how could I possibly forget.. here's a few pics from the night.

This is me standing in front of a massive Christmas tree as you can probably tell I look pretty tiny standing in front of it!
This nutcracker guy was cool, I mean we just couldn't resist not taking a picture with him.
There was a live band playing Christmas songs which definitely got me in the mood haha.
Our Sticky Toffee Coffee's from Coffee Republic which we thought would be nice but turned out to be way too strong for my liking.
Most of the trees had lights on them.. sooo beautiful!
Hope you guys somewhat enjoyed reading this christmasy type post if you would like me to do any posts in particular then you can either comment or tweet me! because I'm always on Twitter.
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