Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Floral Headcrown kinda day!


Hey! Hope you guys are doing well. On Sunday I went to see Union J, James Arthur and JLS (headline act) live which was incredible! Big Gig in the park usually happens every year in Jersey and this was the first year that I was actually able to go because I haven't really been living here for too long. My friend Amber and I went together and had a blast we waited in line from 4:00pm which was when the event was meant to begin and it all ended at 10:00pm. It did rain but I refused to let that get in the way of having a good time. Overall it was a great experience and would definitely want to go next year! I decided to wear a maxi skirt because I really have been loving maxi skirts for a long time and thought that this would be the perfect event to wear it to and paired that would a crop top which was perfect for the weather (summer) until it started raining, to be completely honest I quite enjoyed the rain because its much better than being in sweltering heat with that many people surrounding you. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit because it was really easy to put together as well as easy to wear and I had to bring the whole outfit together with the floral headcrown which ties in with the whole gig/festival/concert vibe!
Floral Headcrown- two headbands joined together: Newlook
Crop top: Newlook
Maxi skirt:Topshop
Sandals: Barrats
Bag: Unsure (was bought a long time ago)
Bracelet: Topshop
Midi rings: Miss Selfrige/ River Island
Nails: Barry M- Prickly Pear (me)
A bunch of different ones (Amber)

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summer OOTD!


 This outfit was very much inspired by Shenae Grimes (Annie) from 90210, she is one of my favourite actresses/characters and I am such a major fan of hers and this outfit just reminded me of something that she would wear on the show.
Top: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Sandals: Barrats
Belt: Next
Gold Chain: Topshop
Bracelet: Topshop
I hope everyone is having a great summer! Let me know what you think about this OOTD and I would love to see any of your  summer OOTD's so please instagram me pics with
 #pinkleopardlipstick and I will be sure sure to check them out and comment! 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tumblr #3

Hey! So today I'm here with another week of my favourite Tumblr reblogs! I have not been very consistent with my blogging at all this summer but that's not because I have just been lazing around in the sun but because before the summer had begun I didn't really know that I would have A-Level tasks to do, which for the record is extremely difficult.. so I have just been concentrating on that as well as enjoying being off school. Even though I am busy in other areas of my life I never neglect my social networks! :-)

Cool wedges/ Ombre baby blue dress/ summery cool heels/ Selena Gomez/ Kim Kardashian/ Short pink nails with midi rings/ Flower chick/ Lipsticks/ Lana Del Rey/ Rihanna and her bestfriend/ Melonade/ Neon Nikes/ Versace/ Two toned Celine bag/ cute monkey/ Creepers/ Kylie and Pia/ super cute outfits/ amazing bun/top knot/ amazing white heels/ cute desk area/ Gangsta chick/ neon and gold chain/ Kylie/ Orange Celine bag/
No matter whats going on.. I'm always on my Social Networks:
Twitter: @LucilleChetty
Instagram: PinkLeopardLipstick
So tweet me, I would love to make some new friends or instagram me a picture with #pinkleopardlipstick so I'll be able to find it and ask me whatever question you would like me to answer on Tumblr!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Review: MAC Paint Pots

Hey you guys.. today I decided to do a review on the MAC Paint Pots which has been featured in previous posts that I have done but I thought it would be good to idea to give you guys a run down of my thoughts of this product. Maybe this will help if you are doing some research before you spend the money because lets be honest its not the cheapest of products. I am also including swatches so you guys can see more of the pigmentation and formula of the product. I am aware that there are dupes as well which I will include information about in this post if you want to save a little bit money.

The two that I have and will be reviewing is "Quite Natural" and "Indianwood". Quite Natural has been in other posts of mine and Indianwood is one that I got recently. MAC says that these are " A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense vibrant finish", all of which I agree with. I first got the Quite Natural paint pot when a MAC makeup consultant recommended that I use this to prevent my eyeshadows from creasing and at the time I didn't really know a lot about the product but I decided to try it anyway being the impulsive person that I sometimes can be. So she recommended one closest to my skin colour which was Quite Natural, after doing research on the product I found that maybe "Groundwork" would have been a better option for my skin colour but Quite Natural still works just fine. I use it as a base as well as a primer and I have not been disappointed.
Left: Quite Natural, Right: Indianwood
Quite Natural is a matte chocolate brown colour which works great if you want to do an intense eye look. Because I loved Quite Natural so much the second time around I decided to go for a paint pot that had a bit more colour to it and I immediately gravitated towards Indianwood because I usually just stick to gold/bronze natural eye looks so I knew that I would get the most use out of Indianwood. I have worn Indianwood on its own all over the lid with a dark brown eyeshadow in my crease and it looked so good and simple at the same time and what I love about this product is that it lasts really long, approximately 8 hours if I counted correctly and because it is like a cream eyeshadow there is no fall out.
This is what the colour pigmentation looked like on me. The dupes for the MAC Paint Pots are the famous Maybelline Colour Tattoos that many beauty bloggers seem to love, I personally do not own or have not tried any of the the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as yet but I am very eager to try them out and see how they compare to the paint pots.
The Indianwood paint pot is a lot like MAC's Woodwinked (Veluxe Pearl) eyeshadow but in the pan Woodwinked looks a lot darker than Indianwood; on the skin it looks exactly the same so if you enjoy using eyeshowdows more than cream eyeshadows I definitely recommend to try Woodwinked out.
In terms of the packaging of the product, I personally love it! it's the classic sleek MAC packaging. However, these are glass pots so if you are thinking about travelling with them you might want to be a bit careful with how you pack them. Overall I love MAC Paint Pots and definitely look forward to purchasing more. I give this product a 8/10 I would give it a 10/10 but unfortunately the price(£15.00) does bring it down a little bit.
Well Done if you managed to get through this post!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

What's In My Makeup Bag/ Daily Makeup Look

Hey Bloggers,

I decided to do a What's In My Makeup Bag/ Daily Makeup Look post because I enjoy reading other people posts on this and find it very interesting. What I carry in my makeup bag are kind of the products that I would use from Monday to Friday to school, very natural and simple.

On my face I first apply my NC45 MAC studio sculpt foundation mixed with LancĂ´me foundation in the shade 10/11 not entirely sure because it is a sample. The mixture of these two foundations gives me full coverage and the correct shade. The MAC foundation also has SPF 15 which means its also great if the sun is out which is very rare. After I have applied my foundation evenly I conceal/ highlight with my MAC studio finish concealer in the shade NC42 underneath my eyes, thereafter I contour my cheek bones with Bourjois bronzing powder in 14- Olive which it great product to contour with if you have my skin tone.
For my cheeks I don't really wear blush on a daily basis but I do sometimes add a bit of the baked bronzer/highlight from accessorize in Bondi shade 4 just at the top of my cheek bones after I have contoured.
On my eyes I wear MAC's paint pot in the shade "Quite Natural" which is like "Painterly" but for darker skinned girls, I highly recommend this product. It acts as a primer as well as base for my eyeshadow and lasts literally the whole day. Over the top of that I put Bourjois bronzy/gold natural eyeshadow all over my lid and little bit dragged up to my brow. After I have done that I sometimes opt to wear a bit of liquid liner depends on the amount of time I have in the morning really, I then curl my eyelashes and apply Rimmel's  intense black sexy curves mascara just to make me look more awake.
Usually for my lips I wear any lip balm that is within my reach and I'm really loving the Nivea ones at the moment if I feel like need a bit of change I will wear a nude lipstick, a new one that I'm loving that I got recently is a nude lipstick by SEVENTEEN in the shade Bon Bon it also has red undertones to it so it would pretty much look good on anyone.
In terms of the brushes that I use on a daily basis is the Real Techniques Stippling brush by Samantha Chapman, one of the Pixiwoo sisters which I'm sure many of you beauty bloggers will be familiar with. I use this brush to apply my foundation with and never fails to give a flawless finish. Next brush is a Body Collection powder/ blush brush which I use to blend the bronzer in with as well the highlight so that there aren't any harsh lines. For my eyeshadow I use the MAC 252 shader brush this brush works amazing to pack on eyeshadow with and blend it all in without it being a fluffy brush. And lastly a densely packed eyeshadow brush from Body Collection which I sometimes use to add a light eyeshadow to the inner corners of my eyes to brighten up tired eyes.
 I do sometimes carry these products with me if I need any touch ups which is very rare because all these products have great staying power. In a hurry I just carry my MAC studio fix pressed powder in the shade NC45 and that usually is all I need throughout the day. As you can probably see my daily makeup look is very natural and probably sounds a lot more time consuming than it actually is but now that it is summer and I am on holiday I can be a bit more adventurous with my makeup looks and be a lot more experimental with different products. I hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far!