Monday, 23 September 2013

Mini Beauty Haul.

Hey you guys! feels like such a long time.... I have been completely M.I.A for these past few weeks and that's because the new school year has started and I started my first year of A-Levels which has been really hectic so far and I've only been for 3 weeks but I won't babble on too much about that I'll leave it for another post.

 Without further or do, I should probably start telling you what I got in this mini haul of mine, which is micro- mini by the way, its just a few things that I picked up that I have been wanting for quite some time now.

Maybelline, Baby Lips

When I found out that Baby Lips were coming to the UK I was really excited! after reading/watching so many American blog posts and YouTube videos about them, I couldn't wait to try them out and see what all they hype was about. I decided to get two of them, one in "Hydrate" which is just a plain lip balm with SPF 20 which is an added bonus for this up coming cold weather and the other in "Cherry Me "which is a tinted red lip balm which is buildable if you are going for deeper red. I have used both of them and they are really moisturising and stay on for about 8 hours if you don't eat or drink anything within those 8 hours which is pretty impossible for me. They are sold for £2.99 each which is pretty expensive for what they are but the packaging is pretty cute so I think that makes up for it. Will I purchase them again? yes, because I want to try out the others and..... how could I forget they smell great!

Real Techniques, Expert Face Brush

Well.... We all know the Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman, one of the Pixiwoo sisters from the YouTube world its really famous on the blogsphere spectrum. I personally love Real Techniques brushes I think that they are the best high street brand brushes out there which means that they are really inexpensive, this brush cost me £5.99 which is half the price, there was a buy one get one half price offer . I really like having full coverage and this brush does exactly that so if you like that as well I highly recommend you get this brush, its really soft and densely packed which I love and... I'm going to go into too much detail because you've probably read quite a lot about this brush already.

 Maybelline, The rocket volume express mascara

This another really famous beauty product on the blogsphere, which I have really got late compared to some others. I'm not going even lie I found this mascara to be really disappointing, I really thought that I was going to like it a lot more than I did especially because I'm such a huge fan of Maybelline mascaras. I didn't really like the consistency of it or the wand in fact, the wand is quite plasticy which is not something that I like and doesn't really add much volume to my eyelashes either they just clump together. Maybe... I have to wait for it to get a little bit older so that the consistency can get thicker because I usually prefer my mascaras after I've had them for a few weeks, am I the only one? Overall the first impressions of this mascara was not great but maybe I just need to be patient with it!
Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these products and what's your thoughts on them?


  1. I haven't purchased the baby lips yet but I really want to. I loooove the real techniques brushes! And I also found that the mascara wasn't what I expected it to be too! xxx

  2. I've been thinking about getting the Expert Face Brush - do you think it's worth the money? & I love your blog! x x

  3. It's totally worth the money in my opinion, if you like a full coverage finish its perfect for that! Xx and thank you! :)


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