Tuesday, 13 August 2013

50 Facts About Me!

Hey...! today I'm going to be doing the 50 Facts About Me post that I've read and watched a lot of in these past weeks. I thought doing this post would be good idea after I read a friends post, its a cool way of letting you guys know a little more about me. Please bear in mind that these facts are in no particular order, they are all just randomly thought of.

1. I am a South African, Indian which can be confusing for a lot of people. My race is Indian and my nationality is South African.

2. I can not go anywhere without my phone, I feel like its security.

3. I have to listen to music every night before I go to sleep.

4. I have two siblings, a 23 year old sister and a 15 year old brother and I am 16 which means I'm the middle child.

5. My favourite show is 90210. I am on the 5th series and sad that its the last one :(

6. I absolutely love watch Big Brother UK but I would never audition for the show only because that would be a total violation of my privacy.

7.  My family is the most important thing to me.

8. In primary school I was a serious athlete, no joke. I would take part in 100m, 400m and 1500m and I loved it! Now I have taken up other interests.

9. My favourite brand of makeup is MAC.

10. I am Passionate, Observant and Dynamic. Yes I am a Scorpio, shout out to all the Scorpio's!

11. I lived in South Africa for 13 years of my life and loved it very much.

12. I am a young feminist, I think that whatever males can do females can do just as good.

13. I don't like reptiles! frogs, sharks, snakes, crocodiles, they scare me.

14. I have to have painted nails at all times, I change the colour from week to week.

15. I love the Winter/ Christmas time; its my favourite time of the year.

16. I don't like looking at weird textures it makes me itch and feel really uncomfortable.

17. I really love watching YouTube video's I could watch them for hours on end.

18. I go through a lot phases, I go from liking something to disliking it.

19. I was born a premature baby so I was really tiny, my mum said that I weighed about three blocks of butter.

20. When I finally move out, I want to live a big city like London.

21. I love travelling, everything about it!

23. I love airports!

24. I am not a Directioner or a Belieber. sorry to all to all you die hard fans.

25. I love Twitter and Tumblr, two of my favourite social networking sites.

26. When you first meet me I can be really shy and socially awkward but once I get comfortable with you the real me will show.

27. I love cupcakes, who doesn't?

28. I am a Christian and I do believe in God.

29. I love animals but do not own any pets, sadly.

30. I just recently got my nose pierced and I really like it.

31. I really love physical activity and can get really competitive, there's nothing wrong with healthy competition.

32. I am really bad at maths and always have been which makes me really nervous about getting my GCSE results soon.

33. I've always been the kinda girl who had one best friend rather than a whole group of friends.

34. I love reading and have done a lot this summer.

35. I could eat pasta everyday if I had to.

36. I find it really hard to go to bed before 10:00pm.

37. Colton Haynes is my celebrity crush.

38. Horror and rom-coms are my favourite types of movies.

39. My favourite part about putting on makeup is putting mascara on.

40. I would love to go skydiving at some point in my life.

41. My dream job/s would either be a fashion stylist or an editor of a fashion magazine.

42. My mother is one of the funniest people I know.

43. I hardly ever straighten my hair because I don't think straight hair really suits me.

44. I love listening to old songs because it brings back a lot of good memories.

45. I can be a really bad procrastinator at times.

46. I have to spend at least 20 mins in bed after my alarm has gone off in the morning.

47. I try to make everyday as productive as I can.

48. I love pastels and neon's.

49. I started this blog on the 15/02/2013.

50. I love blogging so so much!

I hope this helped you to get to know me a little bit better. Please feel free to leave any comments.


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