Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Floral Headcrown kinda day!


Hey! Hope you guys are doing well. On Sunday I went to see Union J, James Arthur and JLS (headline act) live which was incredible! Big Gig in the park usually happens every year in Jersey and this was the first year that I was actually able to go because I haven't really been living here for too long. My friend Amber and I went together and had a blast we waited in line from 4:00pm which was when the event was meant to begin and it all ended at 10:00pm. It did rain but I refused to let that get in the way of having a good time. Overall it was a great experience and would definitely want to go next year! I decided to wear a maxi skirt because I really have been loving maxi skirts for a long time and thought that this would be the perfect event to wear it to and paired that would a crop top which was perfect for the weather (summer) until it started raining, to be completely honest I quite enjoyed the rain because its much better than being in sweltering heat with that many people surrounding you. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit because it was really easy to put together as well as easy to wear and I had to bring the whole outfit together with the floral headcrown which ties in with the whole gig/festival/concert vibe!
Floral Headcrown- two headbands joined together: Newlook
Crop top: Newlook
Maxi skirt:Topshop
Sandals: Barrats
Bag: Unsure (was bought a long time ago)
Bracelet: Topshop
Midi rings: Miss Selfrige/ River Island
Nails: Barry M- Prickly Pear (me)
A bunch of different ones (Amber)


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I've tagged you in the I Heart Summer Tag. Check out my post to find out more:


  2. Love the midi rings and the maxi skirt Lu! xx


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