Saturday, 23 March 2013

Be Brave!

This post is kind of different to my usual but I thought it would be nice to share with you some of the things that I have gone through in my life that I can be proud of. Over the past three years I have learnt so much about myself and about life (deep I know). I always try to get all the positive out of every experience that I go through but this was not not always my frame of mind. About three years ago I moved to a small island called Guernsey not a lot of people have of it. Moving school is never a good thing especially when you have made your friends (main reason) and are just used to your normal routine I think I was always afraid of change because I'm kind of a control freak and I like knowing whats going on in my life and there was just something about moving that was the unknown, not knowing where you going to live, not knowing which school you are going to, not knowing whether you are going to make friends or not. It was just the matter of "only time will tell". You would think that moving around so much I would get used to it but NO each time was just as bad as the last.

However, it just didn't compare, moving around in South Africa was okay I guess because you still are in your own country but moving to a different country just seemed scarier let alone an island. Now when I sit back and think about it, the worry was all for nothing because I got the chance live on an amazing island which is something an ordinary person my age from South Africa would never get to experience and I have met some amazing people (friends that I would want to keep for life).

South Africa, Home.
 I have just moved recently, last year September to another island called Jersey (last move until I choose) about 10 min's away from Guernsey by plane. And I had the exact same feelings that I had the last time because I am human and no matter how many times I move I'm always going to be afraid of the unknown and I think everyone is, that is just how life works, that is just how my life was meant to plan out and I wouldn't have it any other way because if all of it did not happen I would not be the person I am today it has also allowed me to meet my amazing new friend Amber, someone that I have learnt so much from, she is probably one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet which I think is very rare to find now days. Even though this year would probably go down as one of my toughest years having to move in my final year of GCSE's it has made me realise that I'm so much more stronger than I thought I was .

I just feel really lucky and grateful for all that I have experienced whether it be good or bad because I have learnt so much from it. So basically the message is Be Brave! because if I can get through anything, so can you!

(enough cheese in one day I think)


Friday, 15 March 2013

My Tumblr Inspiration!

If you don't know already Tumblr is one social networking site that I can spend hours on completely oblivious of whats is going on around me.. I know pretty bad. Nevertheless it has being doing me good by giving loads on inspiration for outfits and I have been looking a lot lately for Prom inspiration because my Prom is coming up in June so I want to make sure that I make it the Prom I have always dreamt of.. LOL listen to me sounds like I'm talking about my wedding.

So here are some pictures that I have been getting inspiration from not particularly promy..though.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Favourite Airport Looks!

One of my favourite things to do apart from read magazines and go on Tumblr ( is to search up "airport styles" I don't really have a reason for this but I think its because I have some weird obsession with airports and travelling so I thought it would be cool to share some of my favourite looks with you and I am definitely thinking about re-creating some of these looks when I am on a trip somewhere.

The first one is, obviously the one and only Rihanna! She sure knows how to travel in style. This is the perfect outfit if where you are going is going to be warm and you want to keep cool...and this is also extremely comfortable to travel in which I can imagine. I love how she added the red lipstick for a pop of colour since she did decide to go with neutral colours with her outfit and the geeky rounded glasses just gives it the #badgalriri edge!

Next is the gorgeous South African beauty..Candice Swanpoel! If haven't noticed already I am loving maxi skirts recently and I know that it is more suited to taller people but I think it just depends on how you wear it. I love how she paired the cropped embroidered top with the cute gladiator sandals with it and she looks effortless with minimal makeup and beachy hair. Ahhhh I just love her, repping South Africans, love it. The cute dog can pass as an accessory I think.

Next up is the stunning Victoria Secret Angel Miranda Kerr.. This outit is very chic with the over sized shades and the plain black blazer which is a lot more put together than the first two oufits. I love that this look includes the wardrobe essentials such as the blazer, regular blue skinny jeans and the standard black ballet flats which makes it easy to re-create and Miranda always wears very mininal makeup relying on her natural beauty which is no problem for her of course.

Next up are The Saturdays!.. Frankie Sandford, Rochelle Humes and Mollie King. Frankie is sporting a red and black leopard print scarf, grey tank top, black blazer, printed skinny jeans and strappy black heels my personal favourite. Rochelle wearing oversized black sunnies, black tank top, red long coat, regular black skinny jeans and black ballet flats. Mollie is looking very chic with her cropped blonde hair, black rounded sunglasses, navy cable knit jumper, cream/beige skinny jeans and brown pointed heels. These girls definitely know how to show up at the airport. All their outfits would be extremely easy to re-create. Too bad Una and Vanessa are'nt in this I'm sure they would have looked just as FAB!

Lastly... is the gorgeous Miss Swanpoel again.. well there's no kidding that you have to be quite brave wearing this but when you have a body like hers who really cares, this outfit is definitely suitable if you are taking a short flight to somewhere really warm obviously.. you would definitely get a few weird looks if you wore this to somewhere like London. Love the hat paired with the classic tie up black bikini top with what looks like a cover up tied around her waist. If you don't think you have what its takes to wear this to an airport then I would recommend you just wear this to the beach. It would be superrrrrr cute!