Thursday, 18 July 2013

Tumblr #3

Hey! So today I'm here with another week of my favourite Tumblr reblogs! I have not been very consistent with my blogging at all this summer but that's not because I have just been lazing around in the sun but because before the summer had begun I didn't really know that I would have A-Level tasks to do, which for the record is extremely difficult.. so I have just been concentrating on that as well as enjoying being off school. Even though I am busy in other areas of my life I never neglect my social networks! :-)

Cool wedges/ Ombre baby blue dress/ summery cool heels/ Selena Gomez/ Kim Kardashian/ Short pink nails with midi rings/ Flower chick/ Lipsticks/ Lana Del Rey/ Rihanna and her bestfriend/ Melonade/ Neon Nikes/ Versace/ Two toned Celine bag/ cute monkey/ Creepers/ Kylie and Pia/ super cute outfits/ amazing bun/top knot/ amazing white heels/ cute desk area/ Gangsta chick/ neon and gold chain/ Kylie/ Orange Celine bag/
No matter whats going on.. I'm always on my Social Networks:
Twitter: @LucilleChetty
Instagram: PinkLeopardLipstick
So tweet me, I would love to make some new friends or instagram me a picture with #pinkleopardlipstick so I'll be able to find it and ask me whatever question you would like me to answer on Tumblr!

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