Friday, 22 February 2013

My Half Term Purchases!

This most recent half term I did do a bit of shopping not too much as you can probably see! I apologise for the bad quality picture and you probably can't see the items properly which is why I am going to explain them in more detail..
I got:

Black suade creepers with silver/bronzy studding- Newook. I really stepped out of my comfort zone buying these because they do really stand out and is not something that I ever saw myself wearing but I actually really love them and plus I got it in a sale at £15.00 so that is always a bonus! Gotta love a sale!

Black socks with black lace and metallic gold thread going through them- Topshop. I am really loving the socks in Topshop at the moment they have loads of different colours with lace at the top of them, I wanted to go for the plain white ones but I thought that these would be more interesting.

Cream cropped top- New Look. When I saw this on the rack at New Look I fell in love with it because I feel like New Look don't really do clothing items that look like they are of  very good quality which probably explains why their clothes are much cheaper compared to other high street stores but this looked great! and  most of the time they kind of copy Topshop clothing but not at the same level if you know what I mean. So I was quite impressed when I picked this up. However, when I tried it on when I got home it didn't really fit like how I expected, because usually I'm pretty good at looking at an item and knowing exactly how its going to fit me, so that was a bit of dissapointment! silly me should have tried it on in the store.

Plain black tights/ 80 denier- Topshop. Best black pair of tights I've bought yet. Normally I buy my tights from M&S because I thought that, that was the best place to get them, but boy was I wrong. So I decided to go down another route and buy ones from Topshop and they are great, I love that they have a slight shine to them and they don't ladder very easily which is a good thing for me because I managed to ladder every pair of black tights that I own and I have a lot! They are £6.00 which is quite expensive for a pair of tights but it was worth every penny.

Highlighter/Bronzer- Accessorize. I have only been to two Accessorizes in my lifetime and I noticed that they both have a really small stand with makeup on it and I never ever tried any of the makeup before because it didn't ever occur to me that they would be any good so I just never bothered to swatch it or anything but recently my friend Amber and I decided to go in because we felt like we haven't been there in ages so that is when we came came across the makeup stand and started swatching the makeup and we were really impressed with how pigmented the blushes, bronzers and highlighters were, and I just had to get the baked bronze duo in shade 4- BONDI, if you are my skin tone I definitely recommend you use it as a highlighter because it does have shimmery silver tones to it. If you are of a lighter skin tone this would be a gorgeous bronzer, perfect if its this time of year and the sun is not really out for you to catch a tan and you want the sun-kissed look. p.s The packaging is really cute!

Gold and maroon spiked bracelet- Topshop. I got this for £1.50 in a sale (bargain). Just had to get it not only for the price but it reminded me of Tumblr and I thought it would look great stacked with my plain gold spiked bracelet and rose gold watch.


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