Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shopping, M.A.C and Prom.

So.. Yesterday being the last Saturday before school starts I thought what better way to spend it than to go shopping or should I say "browsing" me being a high school student means that I am on a tight budget..After shopping around in New Look trying to get all the essentials before school starts again and swatching all the gorgeous blushes and pigments at the M.A.C counter I went to TGI FRIDAYS for a drink with my hilarious brother and had the delicious Blue Rasberry Slush (highly recommed). Being at the M.A.C counter made me think about prom and whether I should get my makeup done professionally or not because sometimes certain makeup artists don't always give you the look that you were going for and that's just a recipe for disaster because it is "prom" everyone wants to look perfect and anyway my makeup skills are not too shabby- if I say so myself I know I definitely want a look that is a mix between old school hollywood/vintage/ice princess if its even possible to mix them all togther into one look.. WELL! better get practising then because I ain't no Sam Fine.


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