Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tumblr: #1

Hey, whilst on a study break I decided to do a bit of blogging just to keep updated ya know.. and because I'm so in love with Tumblr I've decided that every week I am going to upload a collage of my most recent reblogs. I think that it will be cool to share some of my favourite pics with you and I also think that some these pics can kind of class as my weekly wishlist items and I say "weekly" because I add new things to the list almost everyday.
Jordan Dunn gorgeous VS model/ Celine Metallic clutch/ Paradise (unknown place)/ Neon Cambridge Satchel/ Starbucks Drinks/ Super cool water bottle/ fashionistas/ Whit leather anckle boot/ Boat and the ocean/ Celine Luggage Tote/ Some hot dudes abs/ Miley Cyrus/ Justin and Selena/ Cool chick/boy style/ retro chick/ Made in Chelsea chick/ Iggy Azalea and Rocky/ Lemon water/ boots that I need/ fashionista/ Lion, my fav/ beanie/ nail jewels/ pretty flowers
If you would like me to do one of these collages of the happenings of my actual life on a weekly basis, please feel free to leave a comment! and I will chat to you in my next post!

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