Wednesday, 3 April 2013

London, Milan and New York Street Style!

London, Milan and New York! three places that I would love to go to some day solely because they are some of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. Being able to surround yourself with people who share the same passion for fashion as you do in a gorgeous city, sounds like paradise to me!


London being one of the fashion capitals that have so many different cultures, I definitely believe that it has influenced British fashion in incorporating the different cultures in the artistry of fashion and will probably continue for many years to come. Street Style in particular has been influenced the most because the people of different cultures themselves are allowed to create an outfit including all their own cultural elements. I noticed that London fashion is a lot more grimy and grungy, there is just something alot more raw about British fashion compared to the other cities which is something I love.

In the streets of London she is sporting leather jacket, black pleated mini, black tights, black patent heels and a gorgeous satchel, so perfect for London weather.

This outfit is a lot more casual and still perfect for London weather. Shes wearing a black leather jacket (so versatile, something I need to invest in), plain white T-shirt, beige maxi skirt paired with a statement necklace, can't go wrong with a statement necklace.


Milan, Italy holds some of the biggest and well known brands such as Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana. The city hosts Milan Fashion Week twice a year and the Street Style does not disappoint! My favourite time to look at their Street Style is during Milan Fashion Week because that is when you see all the really trendy models going to their next runway and some well renowned fashionista's taking front seats eagerly waiting to see new collections from amazing designers. I noticed that they always pair statement but simple items together and it always looks super chic!
She's wearing a over sized dark green long coat, boyfriend jeans and black suede high heeled booties. Simple yet Stylish.

This is one of my favourites! I love how both of them look so trendy walking beside each other but she looks particularly stunning. This outfit is so street, casual and edgy all at the same time!


New York City, somewhere I dreamt of going ever since a was a really young girl and the fashion there is just unreal. New York is the core of fashion I like to think because that's where one of the major Fashion Weeks take place and different creative designers put together a fashion show introducing the new upcoming season trends with some of the A-List celebs in the front row which is very exciting. New York is a fast paced city which is something I love because I enjoy being busy and I don't particularly like having a lot of time on my hands.
I love how simple this outfit is but it looks so fashionable at the same time, all shes wearing is a cowgirl denim shirt, plain black tights and those masculine shoes just to tie it all in and the hair suits her so well.

This outfit is so casual but well put together I really admire people who take time to create their outfits. I love her jeans, it has the washed out effect, panda grey shirt, over-sized brown fury coat and the boots are so rough and tumble #loveit



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