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Hi guys & gals! I thought that I would come at you guys with a post today on some of my favourite highlighters that I have been using recently! as there is not a lot taking up my time this Saturday. Contour and highlighting is my absolute favourite thing when doing my makeup, I definitely feel something is missing when I don't highlight and contour, it has become a crucial step in my everyday makeup routine, I switch it according to my mood... a.k.a whether I have enough time in the morning. So here they are:

Sleek Highlight from the contour kit:
I initially bought this product for the contour powder rather than the highlighter as it is raved about so much on the blogsphere so I had to try it and it has definitely has lived up to its hype 10/10 for this contour and highlighter product. I have in the darkest shade for a strong contour and highlight.
MAC Mineralise Skinfinsh - Gold Deposit
As you can probably tell Gold Deposit is a completely different consistency to the Sleek Highlighter it does have chunky glitter which can be a complete no! for some but during the summer its gorge, the sleek highlighter is a lot more suitable for everyday use. I'm probably going to get a lot of use out of Gold Deposit during my holiday to South Africa in December.
Accessorise Baked Duo - Bondi (shade 4):
This is another highlighter that is great for everyday use, I usually switch between this highlighter and the Sleek highlighter for everyday or sometimes I even layer the two on top of one another thats if I'm having a particularly good day, they look great together. With Bondi I have to mix the two shades together to get the desired highlighted effect or else the left shade can look ashy if used on it's own & these are super affordable they come a varied amount of shades!
Sleek blush highlight - Guipure
Guipure is the middle shade, its literally the most gorgeous shade and it's orangey, golden undertones  compliments my skin tone really well as it would with anyone who is a shade or two lighter or darker than me. It comes from the blush by 3 palette in lace, also really affordable.
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