Sunday, 3 November 2013

Vampy Nails #NOTD!

Hey Lady Loves! <3

So, it's like.. 16:32pm and I really felt the need to type up a nail post because, not going to lie I was really feeling these nails in all its mysterious glory! The colour of this nail polish is just so fitting for the season of Autumn. I've really been loving dark nails these past few weeks which is kinda strange for me because I usually go for the lighter colours because I feel it suits me better, however this dark wine, plum shade by Avon has really taken my fancy and I think I'll be wearing a lot of it these up coming weeks and it just seems to go with all my outfits which is always a bonus because we all know there's nothing more annoying than your nails not suited to what you're wearing, well for me anyway.

Step 1: I first put on one coat of Rimmel's base coat/ nail hardener, which is absolutely amazing I use it before I put on any nail polish, it keeps my nails really hard and healthy and prevents my nails from breaking/chipping. I highly recommend this product.
Step 2: Then after that has dried completely I put two coats of the Avon 's "Vamp it" and wait for that to dry completely which I am really bad with by the way, I always end up with some weird print on my nails by the end of it because I don't wait for it to dry. Comment below if you do the same?
Step 3: After the second step I add a little bit of the Kelly Brook gold glitter on my ring finger to finish of the nail look! Really simple!
Leave any comments that you have below and I would love to know what's your go to nail colour for the Autumn season!?
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